Teens may be rebellious for a while as they find their feet and learn to develop their own values. Most young people, however, will look to their parents for guidance and value the boundaries set while trying to take responsibility for their own developing relationships and behaviour. This may mean Mum and Dad being there with a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on, when necessary, as well as providing instant meals for their friends, not to mention the family car for that special date!

Adolescents may be disturbed by the arousal of sexual feelings unless they are prepared for these as a natural part of puberty. It is important that teens are helped to handle such volatile feelings and that both boys and girls learn how to say NO to sexual activity until they are ready for a committed relationship. No girl or boy need be in a situation that they cannot handle.

Some parents are fearful that if teens are given education about their sexuality they will misuse it. More often than not, it is the not knowing or misinformation that leads young people to experiment with sex.

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