Mission Statement

CatholicCare Natural Fertility Services is a non-government organisation which aims to educate the general public in fertility awareness.  The organisation trains its members to promote, teach and supervise the application of fertility awareness as the basis for natural family planning methods to avoid or achieve pregnancy.


(Adopted by CatholicCare Natural Fertility Services)

Methods for planning and preventing pregnancies by observation of the naturally occurring signs and symptoms of the fertile and infertile phases of the menstrual cycle, with the avoidance of intercourse during the fertile phase if pregnancy is to be avoided.

World Health Organisation 1982


Natural Fertility Services education will be provided within the framework and context of Christian Principles and Values.

Members of the organisation will respect the rights of all clients:

  • to be recognised as a person of worth
  • to be respected as an individual
  • to express feelings
  • to receive an empathetic response
  • to be treated in a non-judgemental way
  • to have access to knowledge that is accurate and scientifically sound
  • to freely make their own decisions
  • to know that confidential matters will not be disclosed without the person’s permission
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