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Natural Fertility Services provides couples with a reliable, drug-free method to manage their fertility, and aims to help couples achieve or avoid pregnancy naturally, by providing natural family planning education.

Worldwide scientific research has shown that the Sympto-Thermal Method of Natural Fertility is 99.6% effective when used correctly by motivated couples. This compares favourably with other methods of family planning. Remember that no method of family planning is 100% effective. Below is a table comparing the effectiveness of the most commonly used methods of family planning.

Couples experiencing unplanned pregnancy in 1st year of typical use (use of a method not necessarily for first time):

From Hatcher RA et al 2007 “Contraceptive Technology” 19th Ed. Ardent Media. New York


NFS Sydney provides a number of other services:


Why Learn Natural Family Planning? 

There are many reasons to learn Natural Family Planning: 

  • Natural Family Planning is a healthy choice and is drug and device free. 
  • Natural Family Planning enables couples to work in harmony with their combined fertility rather than against it. 
  • Natural Family Planning helps couples to choose when to plan or avoid pregnancy. 
  • Natural Family Planning gives couples opportunities to develop communication skills and mutual understanding. 
  • Natural Family Planning education provides information for the entirety of a couple’s productive life. 
  • Natural Family Planning is in keeping with religious beliefs. 


Natural Family Planning Involves Identifying When You’re Most Fertile 

Natural Family Planning involves couples becoming aware of when they are individually and simultaneously fertile. While men are presumed fertile all the time, women are fertile for only a few days during each menstrual cycle. The key to achieving, postponing and avoiding a pregnancy is to recognise when to have – or not have – intercourse. 


Who Can Learn Natural Family Planning? 

Natural Family Planning can be used by any couple, regardless of the woman’s stage of life. It is suitable for: 

  •  Women with short, long or average cycles 
  •  Engaged couples 
  •  Pregnant women who want to learn the Lactational Amenorrhoea Method 
  •  Breastfeeding and weaning mothers 
  •  Couples wanting to avoid pregnancy 
  •  Couples having difficulty conceiving 
  •  Couples discontinuing the use of the pill and other contraceptive methods 
  •  Peri-menopausal women 


How Can I Learn Natural Family Planning? 

The most effective way to learn Natural Family Planning is to be taught by one of our accredited educators, who have received professional training and developed expertise in informing couples about Natural Family Planning. Our educators update their knowledge and skills regularly in order to maintain accreditation and provide couples with the highest level of support.

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