Feedback From Students Learning (years 5 & 6)

How hormones were made or come from

When puberty happens;

That you can change physically and emotionally

Boys start puberty at different ages to girls.

I learnt body changes and physical changes

Sperm is microscopic and sperm travels through the vagina.

Boys never stop producing sperm.

The sperm meets the egg.

That sperm is alive and how the sperm and egg meet.

That the sperm and the egg meeting becomes a baby

The sperm decides whether it’s a boy or a girl

I learnt that the stages of a baby being born and how it affects women

People the same age can be absolutely different

I learnt self-esteem and how you should love yourself just the way you are

I was taught that you can’t be someone you’re not, but you can be the best you can be and I found this really important and something everyone should realise.

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