Feedback from Parent Sessions to Schools

Great job.  Kept it simple.  Excellent for the children.  Thank you.

Very good presentation.

It’s important to have an open discussion at home.

Very informative, like it will help open discussions.

Great energy and easy conversational style.

Similar to previous session.  Very informative.  Reinforced issue to address with my son.  Thank you.

Very good.

Great night for having children with parents.  Great for kids to be back in class with teachers on night.

Great presentation.  Easy to listen to. Informative, funny.

Speaker was very well informed and spoke well.  Presentation was better than I was expecting.

Good job.

Where I grew up (in Vietnam), there were no classes/lectures about this issue.  People kept things to themselves (cultural).  I learned things about this through friends (who are a few years older).  Even to date, I still don’t know (fully understand) much about the changes for male and female.  I just want to say thank you very much for teaching/sharing this valuable information.

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