Services offered

NFS is successful in offering clients an ethical alternative to contraceptives.  The Service currently provides and promotes natural and healthy methods for family planning and achieving pregnancy in line with the Catholic Church’s teaching.


Natural Fertility Services objectives are to educate and support the whole community about naturally occurring signs and symptoms of fertility to enable people to plan their families naturally by:

  • Promoting a  better understanding of fertility
  • Fostering healthier relationships in their marriages through use of NFP
  • Empowering women to be in control of their own bodies
  • Helping children gain confidence in their physical and emotional changes
  • To grow and be seen as an important part of the health system
  • Offering  an ethical alternative to contraceptives and viable option to IVF


Fundamental to the personal development and growth of young people is their understanding and awareness of their own physical, social cognitive and emotional development.  By equipping and empowering young people through providing accurate information they can then develop their understanding of the physical and emotional changes that occur and will experience during puberty. 


Natural Fertility Services (NFS) has run a successful schools program for over 30 years in the Archdiocese of Sydney and Parramatta Diocese. Our Family Life Education Program (FLE)  is designed to align with the Board of Studies NSW curriculum.  We have always delivered a Values Based Sexual Reproductive Health program that values the dignity of every young person.  Our service aims to:

  • Empower young people to take responsibility for their bodies and not to be fearful
  • Promotes difference and uniqueness of individual growth and development
  • Educates young people about their emotional and physical body changes
  • Addresses body image issues, personal hygiene and encourages them to respect their bodies
  • Encourages positive conversations with parents, carers and peers about puberty and sexuality


Schools value the external expertise of Natural Fertility Services and the students respond positively to the information provided.


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